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Sketched by Mark Tasaka, 2019 Sketched by Mark Tasaka, 2019 Sketched by Mark Tasaka, 2019 Sketched by Mark Tasaka, 2019 Sketched by Mark Tasaka, 2019

August 14, 2021:

A new section, Random Name Generator, has been added to the site. The Random Name Generator is a tool designed to generate lists of randomly generated names, providing Referees with the means of producing lists of names for random NPCs, townsfolk, villagers, rank-and-file foot soldiers, etc., their Players may encounter during their game sessions.

November 10, 2020:

Links to Citizen Soldier: A 1/72 Scale World War 2 Site have been added. Citizen Soldiers is a World War 2 1/72 scale (20mm) model/miniature hobby website.

August 2, 2020:

Links to a newly created OSR fan site, Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures, have been added. Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures is dedicated James M. Spahn's The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying (second edition).

June 22, 2020:

Links to a newly created RPG fan site, Sorcery and Mighty Deeds, have been added. Sorcery and Mighty Deeds is dedicated to Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar game.

December 15, 2019:

A revamped cover for White Box: Eastern Adventures has been released. As a result, this site has been updated with a new background graphic that reflects the new title of the book.

December 3, 2019:

Links to the Red Box: Eastern Adventures companion website have been added (the system itself should be released in mid 2020). Red Box: Eastern Adventures is a rules light OSR system I am working on that builds on the simple gameplay mechanics of White Box: Eastern Adventures, by added a few more mechanics (‘crunch’) to the game. My hope in creating Red Box: Eastern Adventures is to capture the Old School feel of the early iterations of the ‘Worlds Most Famous Role-Playing System’; my source of inspiration for this game.

September 2, 2019:

A new section, titled Townsfolk Generator, has been created. This section allows for the random generation of Level 0 townsfolk, providing Referees with a quick way of generating townsfolk to populate villages and towns.

August 4, 2019:

Links have been added for a new website I created, titled Old Guard: An Astra Militrum/Imperial Guard Fan Site. The ‘Old Guard’ is a fan site dedicated to Games Workshop’s range of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, with a particular focus on the ‘Old School’ Imperial Guard (Astra Militrum) miniatures range of the 1990s.

July 20, 2019:

PDF versions of the NPC Adventurer character sheets have been added to the Character Sheets section. As well, new images have been added to The Keep on the Savage Frontier Gallery. Some of these images will be used as interior illustrations for 'Red Box: Eastern Adventures', an upcoming RPG ruleset I am working on (please see Blog post for more details).

July 9, 2019:

A new batch of images have been added to The Keep on the Savage Frontier Gallery.

June 11, 2019:

A new random generator, the NPC Adventurer Generator, has been added. The NPC Adventurer Generator generates a group of four random NPC Adventurers, with several options available for customizing the NPC Adventurers to the needs of the campaign.

May 14, 2019:

New images have been added to The Keep on the Savage Frontier Gallery and a Contact Me page has been created.

May 8, 2019:

A new section, the Links page, has been added to the site.

May 7, 2019:

The first of the White Box: Eastern Adventures Generators has been added: the Hireling Generator. The Hireling Generator allows for several options, which includes the random generation of names, sexes and personality traits for the hirelings.

April 27, 2019:

A new section, Character Sheets, has been added to this site. This section contains PDF versions of the Character Sheet featured in the Core Rules and the upcoming Hireling Character Sheets.

April 24, 2019:

I recently published a third party Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible module, titled Fantastic Adventures and the Disgruntled Gong Farmer, which is available on DriveThru RPG. I created this adventure module for the community, and as such, the module is available as a free PDF (the print-on-demand version will be available for $6 USD). As well, the Fantastic Adventures and the Disgruntled Gong Farmer companion website has been created and provides materials and resources for DCC players and judges.

April 15, 2019:

A new Art Gallery, titled The Keep (module), has been added featuring some of the sketches for The Keep on the Savage Frontier, an introductory White Box: Eastern Adventures module I am currently writing.

April 1, 2019:

Welcome to the launch of the official White Box: Eastern Adventures site. This website will be a continual work-in-progress, where new materials and resources will be added on an on-going basis.